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Are you seeking a meaningful career in the marketing, public relations, communications or similar field.  Becoming an HBCU Direct campus representative is a great way to gain REAL experience with major corporations.  HBCU Direct is finalizing its campus representative program.  If you are a freshman, sophomore or junior for the 2012/2013 school year and have interest in becoming an HBCU Direct campus representation please submit the form below..

Benefits of Becoming an HBCU Direct Campus Rep

1 - Connect with student representatives from other Black colleges across the country.

2 - Help the school generate revenue or reduce costs via corporate partner activities on campus.

3 - Help market activities for homecoming, spring events and other campus activities.

4 - Be "In the Know" about activities from other Black college campuses.

5 - You will have opportunities to win awards and cash prizes based on your campus activities.

6 - You get a cool t-shirt when you join.


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