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The Black College Student Activities Alliance (BCSAA) is designed to provide continued access to student activities on other HBCU campuses.  The alliance will create revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities through its relationships with corporate partners.  

Through BCSAA partnerships with various media partners, music labels and entertainers, members will have opportunities to bring activities to their campuses at reduced rates or at no cost. 

Membership is completely FREE and a portion of any paid activity goes directly to the school's Graduate On Time (G.O.T.) scholarship bank.  

Click Here  to activate your FREE membership or to see the benefits of the Black College Student Activities Alliance.

 Benefits of Joining the Black College Student Activities Alliance

1 - Connect with student activity professionals from other Black colleges across the country.

2 - Generate revenue or reduce costs via corporate partner activities on campus.

3 - Gain access to talent for homecoming, spring events and other campus activities.

4 - Stay up-to-date with activities from other Black college campuses.

5 - You have opportunities to win awards and cash prizes based on your campus activities.

6 - You get a cool t-shirt when you join.




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